Bluebell baby Florence in Spring Devon woods
Yes Chef!
Megan feeds Florence in a peaceful, spring Devon woodland
Emily and her boys find a rare moment of peace
Sarah at the beach trying out her own handmade jumper
Newborn Teddy feeds in the arms of mother Emily
Baby Florence discovers bluebells for the first time, Devon
Father with his world in his hand
Newborn girl's Easter Christening
Newborn Teddy holds tight
Mother and newborn baby Teddy
Baby Florence at 6 months
Beach Bump
Flight Engineer Richard Raymond completed 17 elite Pathfinder Force missions in Lancasters before being shot down over Holland in 1944. Only 3 of his crew survived.
Graduation portrait
Sarah on Saunton Sands
Bride and Groom
Megan Black and White
Megan on Dartmoor
Baby Florence
Megan in Widecombe
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